Thursday, 2 December 2010

Recent exhibitions

I went to the final day of the London College of Communication Photography MA show at Elephant & Castle to see the work by my friend Kelly Hill   

Her work involves taking photos at night through windows of young people engaged in their everyday activities/games, and have a peculiar quality of silence and intimacy. Take a look on
There was plenty of other interesting work, but the nature of these shows is to only allow a fraction of the work to be exhibited. Also, MA's are about minutely investigating motives, actions, sources and theorising to death (my opinion only)which I think gets in the way of a damn good idea. The image is the important thing surely...the clue is in the term 'visual arts'

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  1. interesting concept:
    reminds me of Shizuka Yokomizo, who took photos of strangers through their windows:
    I agree with you on the hamster wheel of MA theory {not that I've had the honour}:
    over theory and analysis can get in the way of free thinking and experimentation:
    ps: you need to drag photos onto your desktop then upload them to appear on here:


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